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Solar Monitoring


Dedicated team for Monitoring

An VIkram Solar employee once told us:

"You guys are daring!"

Rising Sun Electric is unique in offering daily level monitoring. Many solar installation companies do not provide daily level monitoring in fear that it will lead to customer complaints. At Rising Sun Electric, we want our customers to understand their system and have full access to their production data by comparing the the Generation and DISCOM bill every month is carried out.


How Monitoring Works

Monitor real time or by the day

Your solar system uploads production data to the cloud using your internet connection and a free ethernet port on your router. View current and past production data and generate reports online from your computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere. The monitoring interface is provided by the inverter manufacturer and the actual user interface varies by the type of inverter you have.



We keep an eye on your system

Rising Sun Electric ensures your solar production by proactively monitoring all of the systems we install. If we notice anything irregular, we work to immediately solve the issue.


Powering Mumbai With Sunshine

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