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Do you have a Shadow Free Roof?

Then, Yes. We are your Solar Roof Top Installers.





Why Rising Sun Electric ?

When planning your solar project, picking the right products from brands you know and trust is essential. Our long-standing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what makes Rising Sun Electric the smart choice

Leading Solar Technology
Peace of Mind Warranties
Customer Satisfaction

PV Manufacturers Rising Sun Electric Supports

Rising Sun Electric only offers the industry’s most financially stable, technologically advanced and Industry proven brands…

Technology Neutral


“Should you go solar with Tier 1 Solar PV Modules?

This PV modules has been in business since 2000 or Decade older, and has been climbing the ranks as a popular residential solar panel manufacturer ever since. Their biggest selling point is their competitive pricing, as well as their sleek design. And you don’t have to sacrifice on performance either, as they have higher efficiency ratings than many competing panels, as well as a high energy yield.

The biggest downside to Indian Manufacturer is that they haven’t made it onto Bloomberg’s Tier 1 solar manufacturers list as REC Solar, Jinko Solar and Trina Solar. Typically, we recommend choosing Tier 1 solar panels for added long-term reliability, but that doesn’t mean Vikram Solar or Adani Solar panels won’t work well on your roof as they are not globally Tier 1, this module are Indian Tier 1 solar panels.

Vikram Solar has gotten other solar accolades though, like passing rigorous third-party product testing in 2020 and to be listed as a Best Performing Modules of the Year- Domestic Manufacturer- Utility Solar’ at RE Assets Excellence Awards 2019. The company has also been trusted for multiple projects across the India, United States and Finland like the revolutionary 225 MW plant in Bilhaur, Uttar Pradesh, more than 62 MW supplied to United states and 312 kWp solar system installed by Finnwind with Vikram Solar modules at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Overall, you should consider going with Vikram Sokar if you’re on a tighter budget but need high power and high efficiency solar modules. They have great warranty terms, are manufactured in the India, and look awesome on your roof.v

Technology Neutral

Let's adapt ourself to the technological neutrality which is solar .We believe in efficiency of solar modules and using the latest technology. The highest efficiency solar modules helps us to generate more power in polluted ,cloudy and rainy weather.We prefer to consider technology which generates more power in less space which helps your needs and also will take care of our planet.


Powering Mumbai With Sunshine

Mumbai City Premier Solar Panel PV Installer

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