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Career Opportunities

We are a fast-paced, energetic, fun and rapidly expanding Energy Solution Company with amazing career opportunities looking for talented and committed people. We are dedicated to delivering the optimal customer experience  and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

We are looking for strong team members to partner with us to make a difference!

We are accepting resumes only. 

All resumes should be emailed to

  • Must provide three professional references.

  • Must pass a drug screening and background check.

  • Must be authorized to work in all states.

  • Some positions required valid CDL and a clean driving record.

  • What regions does Rising Sun Electric serve?
    We service the entire Mumbai, including: Mumbai Thane Mira Bhayandar Navi Mumbai Vasai Virar Bhiwandi, Dombivli and Kalyan Maharashtra and Gujarat (Above 300 Kw Project)
  • How large of a solar system do I need?
    How much solar you need depends on multiple factors, including: Usage: Each individual household or business is different. Two identical buildings can consume vastly different amounts of electricity. Usage can be checked using past utility bills. Anticipated Increase in Use: Do you plan on increasing your electricity usage in the future, such as using the AC more, buying an electric vehicle, or growing your family? (We recommend eliminating your electric bill. Why take a half measure?) Amount to Offset: Would you like to completely offset your electricity usage or would you like a smaller system and pay a small annual bill from your utility? Location: For both roof and ground-mount solar systems, production depends on multiple factors, including: direction, angle, location, and shading. A site survey will determine the best location to install solar panels and estimate how much electricity your roof will produce. Our energy consultants will work with you, discussing your goals, to design & construct your ideal solar system.
  • How much solar electricity can I produce annually?
    On average, each 1 kilowatt of solar can produce 1450 kilowatts of electricity annually. For example, a 6.2 kilowatt system (which could be comprised of Mitsubishi, LG, SolarWorld, and SunPower panels) will on average produce 8990 kilowatts per year. If you consume 8990 kilowatts per year, your solar system will completely offset your usage. However, annual production varies between buildings due to factors including roof direction, angle, location, and shading. Our energy consultant will determine expected annual production for your solar system.
  • How long until my solar investment "breaks even"?
    By financing your solar system, the savings are immediate. The combined monthly payments for your solar system and your new lower electric bill can be lower than your old bill. For a cash purchase, when combining the 40% tax credit with the savings in your electric bill, a solar system can pay for itself in as little as 2 - 3.5 years.
  • Will solar add to my property tax?
    No. Adding a solar system will not cause a reassessment of your property value. Solar is exempt.
  • How long do solar panels last?
    All solar panels are warrantied for 25 years, but are designed to have a useful service life of 30-50 years and degrade slowly during their service life.
  • How much maintenance does solar require?
    A properly designed & installed system requires ZERO maintenance. You shouldn’t even worry about cleaning your panels. Even with limited rainfall, solar panels maintain their productivity.
  • How long is the installation process?
    Once you sign your contract, we will draft CAD designs, work with your DISCOMS, apply for Permits, install your system, attend the final inspection, and apply for Utility Interconnection & Net Metering. The entire process usually takes 4 – 6 weeks from contract signing to passing final inspection (Approximate for 100 Kw roof mount project). Solar installations require coordination with utility companies and MNRE Guidelines. Delays caused by these organizations and the weather may slow down the installation process, but we keep you updated throughout.
  • How much time does it take to Interconnect my solar system and be Net Metered?
    Once your system passes final inspection, we send a copy of your signed Permit and interconnection application to your Utility on your behalf. Utility companies request 30 days to activate your Interconnection. But in our experience, it typically takes 2 weeks on average.
  • Why should I choose Rising Sun Electric?
    Solar is a major investment and a permanent fixture. It is important to go with an installer you can trust. A properly designed & installed system will produce electricity for decades. Say “Yes” to Rising Sun Electric. We always say “Yes” to you, our valued customer.

Powering Mumbai With Sunshine

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