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Industry-Leading Warranty, Exclusively from Rising Sun Electric

At Rising Sun Elecric, we believe a long, comprehensive warranty is extremely important when making any sizeable financial investment. We know our customers are like-minded and look to us to ensure that their sizeable investment in solar will be productive and trouble-free for years to come. This is why we are strictly aligned with the Solar Industry’s best and financially sound manufacturing leaders, many with brand names you know, own and trust. We don’t offer cheap, low-grade, inferior quality solar products that aren’t designed to last.

This basic philosophy ensures the products we offer will always be covered by the manufacturers that create them, and these manufacturers will be in business to stand behind their warranties. But offering great products with long warranties is just the beginning. We lead the pack with the longest workmanship warranty in the industry, giving our customers complete peace of mind.


25-Year Production Guarantee

Our Production Guarantee ensures your solar investment. At Rising Sun Electric, you can count on our expert design and construction teams to deliver a high quality installation and productive solar electric system. We stand behind our installations with a 25-year, written production guarantee to protect your investment. If your system fails to produce the amount of electricity we promise, we pay you for the shortfall—it’s that simple.

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

Rising Sun Electric guarantees our workmanship labour on every system we install for 5 years which is exclusive and addition than the industry average! Our 5-year workmanship warranty includes parts and labour associated with replacing or repairing your system and all penetrations we make to your roof. The 5-year term begins on the date of your solar net metering agreement is signed “Complete” by the DISCOM and includes:

  • Parts and labour associated with repairing your system. (Mechanical External damage not includes)

  • We install the highest quality solar mounts and flashing in the industry, exclusively manufactured inhouse. These robust mounts and flashing are also further protected by a Parker sealant compound to guarantee a lifetime, leak free installation.


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