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Mumbai Rooftop Solar made easy

Get trusted right solar advice, buy Mumbai storm proof systems with exceptional service and receive latest technology – all in one place.

At Rising Sun Electric (RSE), we are happy to represent a technology which is a need of the present generation and also will take care of the future generations by not only saving money but also helping the environment. Solar is a major investment and a permanent fixture. It is important to go with an installer you can trust. At Rising Sun Electric we design and install system which would produce electricity for decades with minimal cost and low maintenance.


Lightspeed Online Quote

We Design, Engineer & Build Your System
100% In-House Labor (No Subcontractors)
Panel-Level Monitoring
5 Years full System Guarantee

Your Trust is Earned

Industry-Leading 25 Years Production Guarantee, 5 Years workmanship guarantee and 5 Years Annual maintenance service badge Our installs are of the highest quality.

How to Get Started
Solar Financing
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Why Choose Rising Sun Electric?

At Rising Sun Electric we provide 25 Year Solar Module Warranty and 25 Year Production Guarantee. Our installs are of the best quality. We guarantee our workmanship labour on every system we install for 5 years – 2½ times longer than the industry average.

Commitment to Communication & Customer Service
Brand Neutral
Life long quality remembrance 

Benefits of Solar

Green For the environment, more green for your wallet.

Save Money

Solar is the best investment. You invest today and get the fruit just in 2 – 3 year. Investment save your power bill for next 20 years. You can get a Subsidy for Residential building or up to 40% Income tax benefit for Commercial and Industrial building.

Reliable Power

Solar is solid-state with no moving parts. It’s virtually maintenance-free and lasts decades, providing clean, sustainable energy for years to come. We guarantee 25 years solar production and 5 years workmanship guarantee.

Clean Energy

Solar is a clean, sustainable, and renewable source of energy. Going green is no longer expensive – it actually pays you. Your 3 Years Investment save your power bill for next 17 years. Which help both the environment and your wallet.

Energy Storage Solutions

Eliminate Blackouts

Avoid Expensive Peak Hours

No More Spoiled Food

Enjoy the safety and convenience of having electricity even during a blackout. When the grid goes down, your battery system will automatically take over. Simply continue using your electricity as normal.

Powering Mumbai With Sunshine

Mumbai City Premier Solar Panel PV Installer

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